Open Day Fun

Our Open Day on Saturday, March 20, was a rip-roaring success!  Lots of people came to look at plants and attend the Tadpole Teach-in.  By the end of the seminar, presenter Brian Bodenbach and the rest of the group had bonded into family, learning about the needs and habits of various wild critters.  They studied the Chorus Frog eggs in the nursery’s kiddy pools and walked down to the lakeshore to check out Northwestern Salamander eggs.  They also found Caddisfly and Dragonfly larva and three salmonid fry (2 Cuththroat and 1 Coho, we think).  In the picture, a student holds a newly-laid Chorus Frog egg clutch in the white scoop (see the black dots?).  Pictures courtesy of Janet Way.

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