Lightning strike!

Last Thursday’s thunderstorm threw some thrills at Tadpole Haven.  But I had no idea until I drove in the following morning and noticed strips of bark strewn on the driveway.  “Hmm, what’s that from?” I briefly wondered through my morning stupor.  I’d been up late, watching Mother Nature’s light show from my front porch.  “Maybe a bear tore up a log…?”  I promptly forgot about it until I walked over that way later and WOW! I saw the tree!  Either an extremely tall bear tore into it (no, dumb idea) or the big Douglas Fir* had been hit by lightning!  A four-inch wide strip of bark was peeled off the 70-year-old tree, virtually from top to bottom (130’+).  The electricity slammed into the ground at the base of the tree, stripping the bark all the way into the dirt, digging a hole and unearthing an ancient TreeTop Apple Juice can (metal!) that my brother had probably littered there in 1967 (I never littered;  I was good).  Pretty Darn Cool!

See a couple of pictures on our Facebook page, or better yet, come take a look when you visit the nursery. Grow your own thrills!**


 *Pseudotsuga menziesii, for inquiring minds