Hatch a batch of Fairybells

Prosartes smithiiIMGP2294 Prosartes smithiiIMGP2303

The kiddie pools in the nursery have hatched out a new batch of Chorus Frog tadpoles; a batch of salamanders is hatching out in the lake (despite the predations of Tyrannosaurus Gus, my five month old Brittany pup); and of course there is a big batch of weeds to be dealt with. Ah, spring!

 Tadpole Haven is hatching a big batch of Large-Flower Fairybells (Prosartes smithii).  This perennial grows up to a maximum of three feet tall, has lovely curving stems and creamy yellow flowers. It grows in partial to full shade, in fairly well drained soil, and it makes a good companion for other woodland perennials. In my garden, it grows next to a patch of brilliant green Oak Fern (Gymnocarpium dryopteris). There is absolutely no reason why everyone should not have this plant in their garden!

Large-Flower Fairybells’ flowers give way to oblong berries which are nearly an inch long-quite large in proportion to the diminutive plant. The berries start out yellow, then ripen to orange-red. In the Lily family, Large-Flower Fairybells (a.k.a. Smith’s Fairybells) sprout from the ground in the spring, unfurling their pointed leaves that clasp the graceful branches. Every year the clump grows a little bit larger, and seeds that fall to the ground sprout new seedlings, which can be moved around the garden. Spread the love!

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