SCARY plants

They say (whoever THEY are) that the chilling descent of rain and darkness upon the Pacific Northwest breeds creatures, nay, organisms, that defy explanation or categorization. We at Tadpole Haven, coupled with our organic practices, impose a strict discipline upon our plants — under which some simply snap. Ugly, sometimes gruesome, some belonging to the brotherhood of the walking dead, these threaten to “go tadpole” on us … Lisa and I, fearing for our welfare, dare not spend the winter surrounded by them.

If you are brave enough, take the opportunity to come to the nursery and peruse these frightening specimens to determine whether you are capable of reforming them.  Over the next few days, we will hunt, stalk, corner, capture, exhume, root out, seize and otherwise incarcerate these gnarliest denizens of our horticultural establishment. We will surround them with ribbons of orange and make them available for adoption for a mere pittance-$1 for plants 1-gallon or smaller, $2 for larger plants. Perhaps you, more saintly members of the community, have the spiritual wherewithal to inspire these plants with wholesomeness once again.

Our Scary Plant Sale runs from Halloween (October 31) through November 5. We will be open on Saturday, October 31 from 10 AM to 4 PM. November 1-November 5 we will be available by appointment only. 

Of course, we will have our usual wonderful selection of perfectly well adjusted native plants which are also seeking good homes. Please see our current retail list.


Shirley Doolittle-Egerdahl, owner

Tadpole Haven Native Plants

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