Earth Day 2016

Today is Earth Day. I hope every day is Earth Day for you. How will you celebrate?

Yesterday on KPLU, I heard an inspiring story:

“Aldo Leopold, in his ground-breaking work A Sand County Almanac, described his family’s efforts to restore their land to its natural state. Leopold’s granddaughter, Susan Freeman, a piano teacher in Seattle, inherited that land ethic.

When offered the chance to help restore a watershed on Western Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Susan and her husband Scott couldn’t wait to dig in. Together with fellow land-owner Peter Bahls, the Freemans are restoring the five-mile-long Tarboo Creek. They’ve planted more than 10,000 trees so far. What inspires someone to put so much time and energy into a piece of land? Let’s hear from Susan: ‘Planting a tree to me represents being able to do something for future generations, the way my grandfather and my father have done for my generation and my kids.’”

For more:  (BirdNote began in 2004 as a project under the auspices of Seattle Audubon).

Everyone that thoughtfully plants native plants is part of the effort to restore native ecosystems.

Come participate in the healing of our earth.

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