You otter show up!

A couple weeks ago I was grumpy after a drizzly, unproductive day. Ready to head home, I started the car and the heater, put the dog in the car and last-minute decided to walk down to the dock, just to give myself an attitude adjustment.

I walked about six steps on the floating wooden walkway to the dock and – SURPRISE – 20 feet to my left, a small beaver splashed its tail as it slid into the water and disappeared. I looked all around to watch where it might come up, but bubbles coming up on both sides of the walk, along with some snuffling, gave away its hiding place under the walk – slowly moving toward the dock. I followed it on my hands and knees. It finally went under the dock.

I crept out onto the dock hoping to see the beaver through the gaps between the boards, but – SURPRISE –  the most horrendous racket burst forth from under the dock. The beaver had run into some other animal! The young beaver and the other animal fought, sounding like they were killing each other, screeching and scritching! Just as suddenly, the fight broke up. The small beaver swam around under the dock, snorting, upset and worn out. The other animal turned out to be two otters. Once they reached shore, they enthusiastically resumed splashing, screeching and grunting, but with a different attitude.

I left them to their family-making time and walked back to my warm car and my very tame dog, my Attitude Adjusted. And this episode told me once again, that nature will gift me with a surprise – all I have to do is show up!

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