Oficially Autumn

Oficially Autumn.  Cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) leaves clatter down, each leaf disproportionately loud.  After the recent rains, Chanterelle mushrooms popped up along the driveway like storm-scattered gold coins.  The Douglas Squirrels have been busy for weeks cutting down cones and stuffing themselves with the seeds.  They seem unimpressed by the dramatically scarred Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) that was struck by lightning a couple weeks ago.  They are busy collecting its cones, skittering around in the Cascade Oregon Grape (Mahonia nervosa) at its base.  Our healthy slug population is making love by the light of the harvest moon and laying pearly eggs–so sweet!  L  Many of the Pacific Chorus Frog tadpoles have metamorphosed out of the kiddy pools and hopped into the woods for the winter.

This is a good time to plant; cooler weather means new plants need less water and TLC to get a good start.  Shrubs and trees are flying out of the nursery, many headed for city parks and Snoqualmie Valley farm hedgerows.  Get your piece of the action!

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